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Pinterest… Friend or Foe??? {Temple Texas Photographer}


Ohhhh how I am soooo addicted to Pinterest!  Aren’t we all!  So is it your friend or you foe?

For Photographers (or at least me)… it’s both!  I LOVE getting on there and stretching my creative juices, seeing different angles, and new perspectives.  All photogs get in an occasional rut sometimes and need a creative boost…. Pinterest is mine!  (and sleep!)

For Clients…. they love getting on there and looking up what outfit combos to wear, poses, and shot ideas that they hope to get at their session(s).

For both Photographers and Clients… please let me say…. We all love Pinterest!  Here comes the BUT…… we all need to be reminded of one VERY IMPORTANT thing!  Everyone is different with different personalities!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  All Photographers have a different “eye” for what they see thru a lens and how they might edit that image.  As well as all clients have different personalities and even though that pose it cute… not all clients can pull it off to look natural.

I myself put a lot of thought into targeted images I want from a session and I have a natural workflow planned in my head for things to happen naturally to keep clients loose and to get the fun unexpected shots.  If you are a client of mine and see something on Pinterest you like, please feel free to share the link with me BEFORE the session date!  (and please keep the links to about 2-3)  I’ve had clients get on their phone and study images during a session to get an exact shot, but they worry about the “exactness” so much that is NEVER looks natural!  So please share with me a few days before and I can, for the most part, try to work it into the natural flow of the session…. and then please leave the phone in the car. :)  I will stress again, that even though things are cute on Pinterest, it does not mean that it will be cute for you when aiming for a certain pose!

The best advice I can give to potential clients is….
Truly look at a photographer’s portfolio online….  find one you like….  and “trust” them!

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